Gilmore Girls returned with a Netflix miniseries, Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, but at least one person isn't cashing in on the show's comeback.

Deadline reports that Gilmore Girls executive producer Gavin Polone is suing Warner Bros., Time Warner, and the CW Network for allegedly not paying him his fair share of the profits from the original early '00s series and its 2016 revival.

"This case is part of a long and troubling line of successful artists of all stripes being forced to seek recourse in court against a corporate producing partner that manipulates its back room accounting and distorts the interpretation of its contractual obligations," read a statement from Polone’s lawyers. "The victims of this oppressive behavior are the artists who create the content those corporate producing partners exploit."

This isn't the first time Polone has run into issues with his former employer. Back in 2007, a forensic audit found that Warner Bros left "numerous errors and omissions" in their accounting which led to Polone getting a paycheck with "significant sums." Later, in 2014, another audit claimed Warner owned Polone more than $1 million. Then in 2016, he sued to get a check from the Netflix show.

Polone worked on Gilmore Girls from its inception in 2000 until its end in 2007. His contract grants him 11.25 percent of the show's adjusted gross revenue. But it seems that Warner Bros. may be cutting his checks a bit slimmer lately. Read the entire lawsuit here.