By now, hopefully you've taken note of the fact that Donald Glover is a great fucking writer.

As previously and excitedly reported, Glover was originally set to expand his presence on Atlanta's home network of FX with an animated Deadpool series. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, FX announced last week that the series was no longer going to happen. "Due to creative differences, FX, Donald Glover, Stephen Glover, and Marvel Television have agreed to part ways on Marvel's Deadpool animated series," a network rep said in a statement last week.

Some people immediately began to publicly speculate about Glover simply being too busy to give the series, which was initially given a 10-episode order from FX, his time. This kind of speculation, of course, is pretty silly and unfortunately ignores that we're quite deep into the era of versatilely successful polymaths.

Naturally, Glover—who hasn't really been one for social media in recent years—responded to the chatter early Wednesday by sharing a script for a Deadpool episode titled "Finale."

The script revolves around the rescue of a rhino, or in Deadpool's words, a "big grey nutsack-skin covered unicorn." As you make your way through the 14-page script, you'll start to notice the immediacy of the references (i.e. armed teachers, mystery Beyoncé face biter, Facebook fuckery, etc.) and the increasingly meta vibes of the entire story. At one point, Deadpool even wonders aloud about the very script he's in. Seemingly, Glover wrote this script within the last few days and then dropped it in a Twitter thread:

Was this the plan all along? Is Glover just doing this to toss out a gentle middle finger to FX? Either way, it's brilliant and should definitely inspire you to stop making excuses about not having enough time to bang out your own script.