Atlanta is back tonight.


Now that all is right on television, Atlanta star/creator Donald Glover generously donated some time to Stephen Colbert's Late Show Wednesday.

When asked why he maintains such a prolific output across multiple formats, Glover told Colbert, "Curiosity." 

"I'm really curious about the way things work," he said. "I think I always have been. Also, I was raised Jehova's Witness so I didn't have a lot of things growing up, like, a lot of things from the world. I was always taught that the world was kind of a bad place, so whenever things came in, I'd be like 'Yo, this is really dope.'" Those things, he added, included TV, magic, and birthday celebrations. "All the little things that a lot of people get when they're younger were really fascinating to me when I was older," he said.


Moving to the topic of Atlanta, Glover amended his previous season 1 comments about the FX series being Twin Peaks-esque. "I know a lot of people picked up, like, 'this show is Twin Peaks for rappers,' but it's really kind of Curb Your Enthusiasm for rappers," he said. Asked to explain how, Glover pinned it on the awkwardness. "Being a rapper is super awkward, it's just awkward," he said. "Because you're in a video and you've got like, you know, champagne and butts close to your face and you're like 'Yeah!' and then you have to go to Whole Foods and the person's like 'Hey, you're that dude!' and you're like 'Please, I just wanna buy this ice cream.' But they're like 'Yo, you gotta be you right now, so let's take this picture.'"

Wearing that "wrestler face," Glover said, can become a full-time ordeal. He then demonstrated his own version of this by showing the subtle facial differences between himself and Childish Gambino.

Later in the interview, Colbert introduced Glover to Charity Joy, the Girl Scout from Atlanta who went viral with her cookie-promoting cover of Gambino's "Redbone." Wisely, Glover immediately purchased 113 boxes of Thin Mints. "They're vegan," he noted.