Picture this: The Avengers: Infinity War trailer but with Deadpool as everyone. 

Well, one genius YouTuber made it come true as they remade the latest trailer for the Marvel film with Deadpool as the star.

The clip starts off like the original one as Gamora tells the other superheroes about Thanos and his goals, but it isn't long before Deadpool starts to voice his boredom with the tale. When Thanos shows up, he's had enough: "Why the F does Cable look like a purple Homer Simpson?" he questions, referencing actor Josh Brolin playing both Thanos in Infinity War and Cable in Deadpool 2. (A gag Brolin is sure will be joked about in the Deadpool sequel.)

So like the epic troll he is, Deadpool, voiced here by David Near, declares that he is Thanos now—and ends up taking over every other character as well. This hilariously includes everyone from Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Star-Lord, and even Groot. (He keeps the wonderful Letitia Wright as Shuri though because who else could play her better?) Of course, he switches up the dialogue a bit to include plenty of F-bombs.

And for comparison, the actual latest Avengers: Infinity War trailer:

This is the second Deadpool-related awesomeness bestowed on us this week. Just yesterday, Donald Glover delivered a 15-page script (with a few updated edits) for the animated Deadpool series he was working on before FX dropped the project.

Thank God for the internet. Avengers: Infinity War is set to hit theaters on April 27, while Deadpool 2 will arrive three weeks later on May 18.