The superpowered Parr family is making their comeback after 14 years with this summer’s Incredibles 2. The sequel brings together the original cast, crew, and director Brad Bird in addition to new characters with new stories. Thanks to new comics created by Dark Horse, fans can also explore Incredibles 2 stories in print.

Dark Horse is planning to publish two Incredibles 2 tie-in comics later this year, according to Entertainment Weekly. One is a graphic novel, and the other is a three-issue mini series. Incredibles 2: Heroes at Home is an all-ages graphic novel that tells the story of Dash and Violet babysitting their superpowered baby brother Jack-Jack and trying to do housework while their parents are away. According to EW, the plot centers around “a trip to the grocery store” that “becomes a superhero mission when they detect criminal activity.” The story is written by Liz Marsham and illustrated by Nicoletta Baldari.

The three-issue mini series Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories tells the story of when “Mr. Incredible fights to stop the supervillain Bomb Voyage from ruining a new submarine dedication ceremony.” Throughout the three issues, Mr. Incredible also tells his kids a few stories from his glory days, and there are some backup stories about Jack-Jack tied in as well. The series is going to be written by Christos Gage and Landry Q. Walker, and illustrated by Gurihiru, J.Bone, Andrea Greppi, and Roberta Zanotta. 

The two comics are due later this year, and Incredibles 2 is set to hits theaters on June 15, 2018.