UPDATED March 30, 4:41 pm E.T.: Actor Corey Feldman was given a clean bill of health, according to TMZ, clear of any hard drugs or infectious diseases. Feldman reported being stabbed on Tuesday night, saying he felt a small object penetrate his abdomen, only drawing a bit of blood.

Doctors were, however, unable to find any evidence of a needle of blade puncture to his skin, despite Feldman sharing a photo of a small, red wound. "Obviously, if it was a knife I got very lucky & I'm blessed," he said in the caption. "If it was a syringe, I will pray 4 the best results!" 

Police have not been able to find any surveillance footage of the incident yet, and swabs for DNA taken from Feldman's car haven't turned up any leads either.

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The Lost Boys and Goonies actor Corey Feldman says he was stabbed Tuesday night by a stranger.

TMZ reports the stabbing was inflicted in the 46-year-old's abdomen. Three men approached Feldman's car while driving in Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley. Feldman had a security guard present in his own car, but the guard was distracted by the three men when another car pulled up and the attacker jumped out.

The attackers apparently quickly fled the scene and Feldman was rushed to the hospital to treat his wound.

Feldman tweeted at LAPD to investigate the case as an attempted homicide. However, Officer Luis Garcia told Hollywood Reporter and Fox News that Feldman didn't have any injuries or scratches at all.

Later on, Feldman gave TMZ a detailed account of the stabbing. The actor says he was driving home from dinner Tuesday night when he noticed he was being followed by another vehicle. After stopping at a red light, his security guard exchanged words with a group of men in the car. That's when one of them got out, pulls his door open and stabbed him with an object that appeared to be a syringe or the tip of a knife.

Feldman said he immediately went to the hospital and the injury was only a small puncture wound.

According to Page Six, Feldman testified in favor of the Child Victims Act, which if passed, would allow sexual violence survivors more time to sue their abusers in the state of New York. Feldman is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has been vocal about seeking justice for other survivors.

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