The rainbow-haired rapper that everyone hates but still pays a lot of attention to, 6ix9ine, recently took his peculiar brand of trolling to The Breakfast Club, where he spoke about how much he loves being hated, which explains a lot of his behavior. In the days leading up to his interview, the rapper had caught heat from both the Game and YG, both of whom called him out on social media for basically being an annoying prick.

In response, 6ix9ine went on The Breakfast Club last week and questioned whether YG is really Blood. The interview had other strange elements (a priest came in to pray for 6ix9ine) but the general theme was of major trolling. The interview has now become so popular that it’s been satirized: comedian Gary Owen showed up for his The Breakfast Club interview Wednesday in a very detailed 6ix9ine costume, complete with temporary tattoos and a rainbow wig.

The hosts of the morning radio show went one step further and completely recreated the interview they did with 6ix9ine just one week ago, asking Owen the same exact questions they asked the rapper. Owen’s appearance didn't register as a tribute alone, but the answers he gave were so absurd and over the top it was clear Owen was making fun of the controversial rapper. For example: he trolled 6ix9ine’s Blood affiliation by associating Blood gangs with blood types.

“They say you were a Crip first, and then now you’re blood. Is there any truth to that?” DJ Envy asks Owen.

“We all Bloods. I’m O-positive, what are you?” Owen answered. “I was with the Crips, but then I realized when you get shot or you get stabbed and blood comes out, Crips can’t do nothing for you. But Bloods can help other Bloods.”

“Aren’t you concerned about all the beef with all these other artists that you have?” Angela Yee asked.

“I’m vegan,” Owen said, in a perfectly delivered comeback. “I got no beef, because there ain’t no beef in my system.”

Owen’s masterful recreation of 6ix9ine's highlights just how ridiculous the rapper’s stance really is. Trolling is one thing, but it does take a certain level of intelligence to pull it off well, and that’s something that 6ix9ine hasn’t proven yet. After all, the rapper is facing prison if he doesn’t get his GED before April. This deadline was imposed by the judge in another, much more serious, court case involving the “Gummo” rapper: he has pled guilty in a child sex case for uploading a video of a 13-year-old engaging in sex acts.