Donald Glover's Deadpool series may be the Deadpool the world needs, but it didn't stop FX from canceling production of the series. Luckily, animation company Titmouse came through with the goods aka leaked test footage of the series.

The short clip, which uses the dialogue from the Ryan Reynolds–led film from 2016, shows Deadpool fending off "bad guys to kill." Although the animation isn't in its final form for the entire clip, it works since Deadpool is known for breaking the norm—and the fourth wall. (At one point, he's intentionally flattened like Flat Stanley.)

Donald Glover and his brother, Stephen, were slated to create the animated series for FX's channel, FXX. But earlier this week, the company announced that they wouldn't be moving forward with the project.

“Due to creative differences, FX, Donald Glover, Stephen Glover and Marvel Television have agreed to part ways on Marvel’s Deadpool animated series," read their statement. "FX will no longer be involved with the project. FX and Marvel have an ongoing relationship through our partnership on Legion, which will continue."

The Glover brothers went to Twitter to share their side of the story. Along with a hilarious 15-page script where Deadpool mulls over possible reasons for the cancellation, Donald clarified he wasn't "too busy" to work on the series.

On the other hand, Stephen has a strong theory on where things went wrong. "There definitely was a Taylor Swift episode," said Stephen Glover, referencing Donald's spoof script, in a now-deleted tweet caught by TheWrap. "It was HILARIOUS. And it was definitely the last straw lol."

With the glorious animation and Glover's witty script, there's even more reason to mourn what could have been.