This weekend, there's no doubt that Marvel's long-awaited Ryan Coogler-directed Black Panther is going to light the box office ablaze. It's already on pace to hit ~$170 million during its opening weekend, which means a lot of asses will be packed into a lot of seats.

The thing is, just going to see the film won't be enough for many; to fully celebrate what it means to have this black superhero hitting theaters in this type of film during Black History Month? You're more than likely going to want to make the Black Panther a part of more than just your favorite movies list of 2018.

Given how hard Disney has been pushing Black Panther globally, we're seeing a number of intriguing new ways to have the film turn into the movement many of us have been waiting for. That movement has gotten to be bigger than the movie we're going to be taking in this weekend; it's what we're wearing, what we're drinking, and what we're listening to. It's our lives, at least for the time being.

For anyone looking to make the Black Panther a bigger part of their lives than it already is, here's a look at all of the ways you can do so.