Chop Shop director Ramin Bahrani has adapted Ray Bradbury's classic 1953 book Fahrenheit 451 for HBO, which dropped the first look at the upcoming movie Monday.

The latest take on Bradbury's anti-literary dystopian masterpiece stars Michael B. Jordan, Michael Shannon, Lilly Singh, and Sofia Boutella. Shannon and Bahrani—who's writing and directing Fahrenheit 451—previously worked together on 99 Homes, which also starred Laura Dern and Andrew Garfield. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion award at the Venice International Film Festival.

Jordan can currently be seen in one of the biggest movies of all time, Marvel's Black Panther. The film surpassing a billion dollars at the global box office is now practically a guarantee, with Forbes reporting Monday that the Ryan Coogler production's 13-day haul of $704 million points toward a "lower-end scenario" prediction of a $1.01 billion total haul. Their "highest-end" estimate places the film in the neighborhood of a $1.15 billion total box office gross.

Last week, Jordan—just after giving One-Punch Man a shout-out on Hot Ones—had his anime fandom questioned on Twitter. He promptly responded:

Fahrenheit 451 hits HBO in May.