Justice League is having the exact opposite moment of Black Panther's huge, euphoric opening weekend.

After Ryan Coogler's beloved superhero epic grossed more money during its four-day opening weekend than Justice League did in its entire 91-day run at the US box office, Honest Trailers decided to add even more insult to injury by releasing one of their famous spoofs about the hugely maligned DC film.

In the clip, the faux-trailer bashes the amount of CGI used in the film with lines like "the CGI villain steals these CGI boxes from their CGI hiding places uniting these CGI heroes in a big CGI fight on a CGI battlefield until this CGI hero merges with this CGI box while the CGI villain gets punched in the mouth by the hero with the mouth made out of CGI." The latter is a reference to Henry Cavill's wonky upper lip, which looked straight up bizarre after the studio had to digitally remove his mustache during reshoots.

They also call Justice League a film that's "right in the middle" between "the awful Suicide Squad" and the "really good Wonder Woman," which is a little bit generous, if you ask us. 

However, Honest Trailers isn't the only one throwing shade at the DC film. Rick Famuyiwa, who was slated to direct the Flash standalone movie before leaving the project due to creative differences, posted a screenshot of Black Panther topping Justice League at the box office. Even Marvel's competitors are showing Black Panther major love. Justice League actor, Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in the film, told his Twitter follows to "run" to see the film, while Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, congratulated Black Panther and said that it's "changing the world." Ryan Reynolds, who stars in Fox's Deadpool and is often known for his trolling antics, also tweeted that the film is worth the hype.

The Black Panther mania not only lives on, but shows no signs of slowing down. Justice League? Not so much. Watch the Honest Trailers' Justice League take above.