During a recent interview with the New York Times, Uma Thurman detailed her horrific experiences with Harvey Weinstein. "I knew him pretty well before he attacked me," she told the Times. "He used to spend hours talking to me about material and complimenting my mind and validating me. It possibly made me overlook warning signs." She says he "tried to shove himself" onto her, and that he attempted to "expose himself." 

During the interview, she also detailed another worrying experience she had with a man of power. Thurman spoke with the Times about a troubling incident that occurred during the filming of Kill Bill, recounting that Quentin Tarantino pressured her into driving a car she felt was too unsafe for a scene, asking for a stunt double. “[Quentin] was furious because I’d cost them a lot of time. But I was scared," she said. “‘Hit 40 miles per hour or your hair won’t blow the right way and I’ll make you do it again.’ But that was a deathbox that I was in. The seat wasn’t screwed down properly. It was a sand road and it was not a straight road."

She says that she told him at the time that she felt he was trying to kill her, and now she's posted on Instagram indicating that she's proud of Tarantino for not hiding from the accusations. "I post this clip to memorialize it's full exposure in the nyt by Maureen Dowd," her post of the incident in question reads. "The circumstances of this event were negligent to the point of criminality. I do not believe though with malicious intent."

Her post continues, "Quentin Tarantino, was deeply regretful and remains remorseful about this sorry event, and gave me the footage years later so I could expose it and let it see the light of day, regardless of it most likely being an event for which justice will never be possible. He also did so with full knowledge it could cause him personal harm, and I am proud of him for doing the right thing and for his courage."

She also used the post as another opportunity to go hard on the disgusting Weinstein, writing, "THE COVER UP after the fact is UNFORGIVABLE. For this I hold Lawrence Bender, E. Bennett Walsh, and the notorious Harvey Weinstein solely responsible. They lied, destroyed evidence, and continue to lie about the permanent harm they caused and then chose to suppress. The cover up did have malicious intent, and shame on these three for all eternity."