South Park predicts the future again. In the 2010 episode "Medicinal Fried Chicken," the creators envisioned a world where marijuana is legal and the local KFC is replaced with a dispensary causing an underground black market for the fried chicken chain's products.

Now as medical marijuana continues to become legal in the U.S., the other half is kind of came true in the U.K.

BBC reports that "operational issues" forced KFC to close 700 of its 900 chain restaurants in the U.K. for a few days. While some called the police to report the "emergency" and the police kindly told them to stop, others decided to take advantage of the moment by selling buckets on eBay. And some were going for prices as high as £100 (which is about $140 on our side of the pond).

Luckily, all is back to normal since KFC reopened nearly all of their restaurants.

This isn't the first time that South Park's writers proved to be all-knowing beings. In another episode, they predicted Osama Bin Laden being shot in the head by a Navy SEAL eight months before it actually happened. Although they don't always get it right since they also predicted Hillary Clinton winning the election. Other cartoons have also had their fair share of prophetic moments as The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump's presidency and The Boondocks talked about #Oprah2020 10 years before we did. (Unfortunately, the former came true and the latter doesn't seem to be.) What will they think of next?