Throughout the Pokemon universe, Pikachu used to always have an adorable, high-pitched voice and often just said "pika" or "pikachu." But in the trailer for the English version of Nintendo 3DS' Detective Pikachu, the famed Pokémon sounds more like Charlie The Unicorn with full-on sentences, rather than the cute character we've grown to love. And fans are bugging out.

The game, which will be out on March 23, follows Pikachu (with a detective hat on) as he helps a kid try to find his missing father. The two also fend off monsters as they unravel a mystery about Pokémon. But while the game looks fun, it's gonna be hella difficult to get used to a Pokémon saying more than just its name—especially when his voice awkwardly sounds like an older man.

This isn't the first time that Pikachu's use of more than a few words threw people off either. Last year, Nintendo released the trailer for Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! and folks definitely noticed that Pikachu's vocab and voice switched up. 

And we thought casting Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds for the voice of Pikachu in the film adaptation of Detective Pikachu would be weird. But now that we're hearing his voice in the game, it has us thinking that Reynolds can't be that much worse, right?