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If there’s anything we’ve learned from the Tide Pod Challenge, it's that the difference between genius and internet stupidity is that the latter knows no limits. However, it appears as though the people are finally growing tired of eating laundry detergent and have refocused their oral fixations elsewhere: their dogs. Don’t worry, these puppers are not in any danger. Their humans, however, must be dangerously bored, because they’ve started putting eggs in their dogs’ mouths to see if their doggos will break them, Mashable reports. I’m no vet, but considering what dogs can eat without dying, I don’t think this challenge poses any safety concern. Plus, it's cute AF.

Word on Twitter is that golden retrievers have a particularly delicate mouths, but results do vary.

Did the Golden Retriever egg challenge with my half-Golden Retriever, half-Border Collie. Apparently, Goldens have very gentle and soft mouths!

He didn’t disappoint ❤️
Yes, he was adamant on taking the egg outside.
Who knows what would’ve happened then...

— Juliana Combs (@jewleanna) February 5, 2018

My parents did the egg challenge with my Golden Retriever today and here were the results 😂

— Conner Newton (@NewtonConner) February 4, 2018
We can't exactly say the same for German sheperds, however...

Don’t try the golden retriever challenge with a Shepard 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

— Lyndsay reeves (@ReevesLyndsay) February 5, 2018

And then there's this golden doodle that DGAF and has had enough of these humans' nonsense. Clearly, though, the humans themselves still haven't. 

I tried to test the theory of a golden retriever’s mouth being so gentle that they won’t even crack an egg but my golden doodle is scared of the egg....

— Allison Lockhart (@A_Lock1) February 5, 2018