Are you ready to ditch your iPhone 6 for something that screams 90s nostalgia?

Nearly 20 years ago, Nokia was equivalent to Apple. The cell phone provider was so popular that The Matrix featured one of their phones—the Nokia 8110—in the classic film.

According to The Verge, Nokia has re-introduced their yellow slider "banana phone," originally released in 1999. It will be available this coming May. HMD Global, the phone's manufacturer, will also be re-making the phones in black.

TechCrunch says the phone's price tag begins at 79 Euros, or approximately $97.

As you'd expect, you won't be able to post selfies on Instagram with this classic product. Nokia 8110 is a basic feature phone, which doesn't access the apps other Android phones have. One reason for this is that the slider keypad is so incredibly small compared to today's smartphone models. Plus, the 2.4-inch QVGA display only stores up to 4 GB of content. However, HMD is in the process of creating an app store specifically for this phone, which could make third-party apps accessible on the vintage device.

According to Forbes, at last year's Mobile World Congress, HMD re-introduced another classic phone—Nokia 3110—with its minimal yet unforgettable Snake game.