On Feb. 16, Dame Dash's latest film finally hits theaters and on-demand services. Honor Up, which was produced by Kanye West and Dame Dash, finds Dame Dash as OG, a drug lieutenant who is trying to keep honor alive in his crew, by any means necessary.

In the above scene, OG is talking to Cam'ron's character about the death of his sister, and to not get emotional in his reactions. OG's trying to implore that he does what he does for the screw, while Cam's character is letting it be known that there are divisions: friends, the squad you get money with, and your family.

Honor Up sounds like a return to the gritty hood classics that Dame helped put out (including gems like Paid In Full ), and should be a must for heads looking for tales of the street life. It also stars Murda Mook, Smoke DZA, and Stacey Dash.