An assortment of idiots fell for a dumb Stranger Things rumor earlier this week. The rumor, if true, would have been detrimental to the future of what is arguably Netflix's most successful original series. Tuesday, Netflix promptly squashed the chatter with a well-placed GIF.

"Don't drop your Eggos," the streaming service advised in a tweeted statement. "Rumors that the Duffer Bros are leaving Stranger Things after season 3 are false." Well, yeah. Duh.

The mindless buzzing apparently started around the time MovieFone dropped off a report claiming that season 3 of Stranger Things would be the Duffer brothers' last.

They cited "a source with knowledge of the production" as saying the duo—who created and currently run the Netflix original series—have a deal with the streaming service that calls for two more projects. The beginning stages of development on one of those projects, the report claimed, was a "significant factor" in their decision to bounce. Confusingly, though the title of the MovieFone report was "Stranger Things Season 3 Will Be the Duffer Brothers' Last," the article itself said season 3 would simply be the last one to feature the brothers "in the same active capacity" as the first two seasons.

Show creators stepping down from a showrunner position, of course, is a totally normal thing that happens all the time. However, the Duffer brothers have already suggested they will be sticking around through at least season 4. Ahead of the premiere of season 2 last year, Matt and Ross Duffer entertained the idea of bringing the series to a close as the characters enter college. "We're thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out," Ross told Vulture, adding that—eventually—these characters "have to get the fuck out of [Hawkins]."