It's hard to get anything passed comic book fans. With Black Panther due out in two weeks and Avengers Infinity War out in May, our eyes are peeled for any hints on what to expect for the upcoming films.

Ever since Cap left his shield behind with Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War, fans have been wondering how or when he'll get a new one. Then, the Infinity War trailer dropped and Black Panther said one of the most hype-worthy lines: "Get this man a shield."

Well, now Marvel may have unveiled how Cap's new shield will look. The comic book giant just dropped a Captain America action figure with a shield, two extra fists, and the head of Thanos.

The shield is starkly different from Cap's classic red, white, and blue circular one a giant star on top. Instead, it's in the shape of a medieval knights' shield and reminiscent of Wakandan designs, which would make sense given T'Challa's words in the aforementioned trailer. It's also all gray, which is likely because it's made with Wakanda's vibranium.

But now that the shield is sorted out, we want to know one thing. What's up with that Thanos head? Does it attach to Cap's fist or what?

Black Panther is set to be released in theaters on Feb. 16. It will be the last Marvel movie before Thanos reigns down his wrath in Infinity War, which drops on May 4. Check out Cap's figure and all its accessories above.