YouTube is restoring ad monetization to controversial vlogger Logan Paul, whose status as a creator on the platform remains on a probationary status. Following his suspension and break from YouTube due his tasteless video from Japan's "suicide forest," Paul's content will once again be eligible for monetization.

Though his channel remains under a 90-day probation, reports Mashable, ads have been restored after a renewed understanding and review of YouTube's Community and Advertiser-Friendly guidelines by Paul's team. His probationary status prohibits his channel from receiving the benefits of the platform's Google Preferred program, and restricts his content from being promoted under the trending tab, or included in non-subscriber notifications. Google Preferred channels have top-paying ads placed onto high-traffic videos, which in turn increases the amount of money made off of videos with an already substantial amount of engagement. 

This human embodiment of an eye-roll enraged a global community after his culturally, socially, and morally reprehensible video in which he filmed the corpse of a man who had hanged himself and posted it to YouTube for views. Paul's disingenuous apology tour, followed by a continued effort to produce immature and distasteful content, led to YouTube's initial suspension of his channel.

Paul doesn't seemed too fazed, though. Despite his attempt at salvaging his image by way of donating $1 million to suicide prevention, YouTube has still chosen to sever ties with the creator for his proposed YouTube Red series, and they've even had to outline a new "harm-prevention" policy in the wake of Paul's actions. For a guy who's given their company a ton of bad press, YouTube sure is giving this dude-bro a lot of chances at redemption. Only time will tell how long it'll take for him to create his next global controversy.

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