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Internet scum Logan Paul is apparently making a comeback following his awful “suicide forest” video last month. The 22-year-old YouTube star posted a fake movie trailer on Twitter to announce his return to vlogging.

In the video Paul is sporting a beard and ripped jeans, as if he has been banished to an island for years. Although many people wish that were true, there’s scarcely been a day that Paul hasn't been in the news for one reason or another. Now that he’s returning to vlogging, his 16 million followers will get to see what new grade A garbage he will post next.

The video that created a tsunami of backlash for Paul was a vlog from his problematic trip to Japan where he visited Aokigahara forest. The forest is often referred to as “Suicide Forest” because many suicides have been reported there. In the video, Paul and his friends comes across a dead body, and instead of respectfully moving on, he decided to stand next to the body, laugh and make jokes. He then posted the video to his channel.

The backlash led to the video’s swift removal. YouTube removed Paul’s page from the Google Preferred list and is reconsidering doing future business with the young vlogger. Paul also released a written and video apology.

This return comes only a month after he announced his break from vlogging. Therefore for many viewers, his apology tour is a little premature.