Kim Kardashian announced on social media today that Team West and Team Kardashian/Jenner will be featured on an upcoming episode of Family Feud. The reality star posted a series of  Snapchats from the set of the game show. Kim will be on team West with Kanye and they will be facing team Kardashian/Jenner. Mary Jo Campbell, Kris Jenner's mother, hilariously booed Kim in a video that showed the Kar-Jenn family huddling together sans Kim. Close friend of the family Jonathan Cheban flew in for the taping, and although he said he is "ready," it is unclear if he will appear on the show. Kendall, Khloe, and Kris also showed up in the videos, but there was no sign of Kourtney and new mom Kylie.

The audience was unaware of the massive celebrity encounter they were about to have, and Kim caught the reveal on Snapchat. Kanye seemed almost as excited as the crowd, in his own way: Kim revealed that she and her husband are huge fans of Family Feud and according to Kim, Kanye has been "waiting his whole life" for this moment. It's good to have goals, Kanye. This may be a first for Kanye, but the Kardashians did face the family of Deion Sanders on Celeb Family Feud in 2008, back when Al Roker was the host.

Who do you think will win: the Kardashian/Jenners or the Wests?