Brace yourselves for this bit of news: there might be a sequel to Get Out.

During The Hollywood Reporters’ sixth annual Nominees Night on Monday, Jordan Peele said he’s thinking about a sequel. “I can tell you I will definitely, seriously consider it. I love that universe and I feel like there is more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now, but there are some loose ends,” he said.

After being snubbed at the Golden Globes, Peele’s film landed four Academy Award nominations: Best Director (Peele), Best Actor (Kaluuya), Best Original Screenplay (Peele again), and Best Picture. Although the film was made on a $4.5 million budget, it grossed over $250 million.

In January, Peele shared the news that he’s quitting acting to focus on writing and directing. While accepting the First-Time Director honors at the DGA Awards on Saturday, he revealed that The Emoji Movie was partly to blame for his decision, “The Emoji Movie actually helped me quit acting,” he said. “I was offered the role of Poop.” Just in case everyone thought he was joking, he further clarified his point. “This is true. I would not make this up,” he said, adding that he later found out that Sir Patrick Stewart was given the role over Peele.

It's been almost a year since Peele's horror film opened in theaters. Now, ahead of the Oscars, Get Out will be returning to select theaters nationwide. The Oscars take place on March 4.