Jesse Williams has been steadily making his mark in the tech industry—first with Ebroji, and now with his latest app BLeBRiTY

Launched last November, BLeBRiTY serves as a charades-inspired game which, in Williams' own words, is a celebration of pop culture that "makes the revolutionary decision to not exclude black people."

Williams recently stopped by the Complex office to play a few rounds of BLeBRiTY with staff members, as well as to discuss the importance of the game and why he decided to get into the tech space in the first space.

"I saw that so much in tech and social media is driven by black culture; we're dictating fashion, expression, language, music, art. But we don't own any companies," he explained. "We weren't employed at any of those companies. We were swagging out everyone else's companies." 

Check out Jesse Williams' full interview up top. To learn more about BLeBRiTY, visit here.