Ideally, all talk shows interviews would begin with a few shots of choice alcohol. Though that's sadly not quite the case, Stephen Colbert did lead by example by whipping out the Cuban rum for Monday's Late Show with guests Jennifer Lawrence and Patton Oswalt.

"I'm still developing things, I'm just not gonna be, like, on set," Lawrence said at the top of their wide-ranging discussion when asked about recent reports of her taking a year off from acting. "It's not like a big dramatic thing. I'm gonna be developing things and talking to kids about, you know, corruption."

Asked to clarify, Lawrence said she's part of an organization aimed at getting big money out of politics using state-by-state legislation. After Lawrence's hilarious aside about being stumped by students' political questions during a recent school appearance, Colbert asked Lawrence to speak on being "ill-used" in the defense of Harvey Weinstein. Also, by this point in the interview, both Lawrence and Colbert have removed their shoes.

"[Weinstein] is just that horrible ass boil that does not go away," Lawrence said. "You pop the ass boil. He's just the worst. Just, when is it gonna end? Like, in the middle of the night I had to come up with a statement in London and I was like, it's still not over? His awfulness is still happening?"


When Colbert showed the audience a photo of Lawrence at Amy Schumer's recent wedding, Lawrence took the opportunity to reaffirm her feelings about noted enthusiasm-curber Larry David. "I was flirting with Larry David all night but it was very one-sided," she said. "I'm obsessed with Larry David, but he's not obsessed with me." Asked if David was aware of this, Lawrence confirmed he is. "I feel like, um, yes," she said. "But I don't have his number and he doesn't flirt back with me, which is just like fuel for me."

Lawrence can next be seen in Francis Lawrence's Red Sparrow starting March 2. In the meantime, down some rum while watching her Late Show appearance in full.