Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about her photo hacking scandal and her decision to do nude scenes in her upcoming movie, Red Sparrow, in the latest issue of Vanity Fair

For her latest cover story with the magazine, JLaw expressed her concerns about how people would react to her decision to go nude in the film. "My biggest fear was that people would say, 'Oh, how can you complain about the hack if you're going to get nude anyway?'" she explained.

The decision did not come easy for Lawrence, though. She admitted that it "scared the hell" out of her, but in the end, she wanted to stay true to the character. "I tried to do the movie without nudity but realized it just wouldn't be right to put the character through something that I, myself, am not willing to go through." Lawrence went on to explain that unlike her photo hacking incident, her choice to go nude for Red Sparrow was just that: her choice"I got something back that was taken from me, and it also felt normal," she explained.

The decision to participate in your first nude scene is surely a challenge for most actors, but for someone like Lawrence, whose privacy was unwillingly stripped from her, the choice becomes that much more daunting. She noted, however, that director Frances Lawrence and the crew of Red Sparrow created a comfortable, trusting environment for her to ease into.

Lawrence said, "He looked me right in the eyes like I had clothes on and then all of a sudden I was like, 'Oh, O.K., it's just like I have clothes on.' Everybody here is professional. You're still at work. One look just made me comfortable. It didn't make me feel naked." It also helped that much of the crew were people she had previously worked with and grown comfortable around on the Hunger Games series.

In the film, Lawrence plays Dominika Egorova, a Russian ex-ballerina turned undercover operative. Red Sparrow is set to release in theaters March 2. Read Jennifer Lawrence's full cover story on Vanity Fair.