The hosts from HBO's Westworld, everyone’s favorite totally incomprehensible futuristic pandora's box of a drama, are going one step further in their inevitable quest for world domination. Today, HBO announced that it will recreate the town of Sweetwater at the South by Southwest festival, where guests will be able to find clues about the show’s upcoming second season, which will premiere on April 22 on HBO.

The real-life Westworld will not be a direct representation of the show’s pleasure park for the ultra-rich, ultra-violent, and ultra-sexually aroused by robots. Instead, the installation will consist of a a two-hour experience that will take guests through all the memorable locations of the show. Some clues about season 2 will also be up for grabs for guests who are savvy enough to find them hidden throughout the park or who know the right questions to ask the right hosts.

Speaking of the hosts, actually, no matter what Sophia the Robot might have you thinking, our 2018 technology is not quite up to speed with the technology of the fictional Westworld park that crafts humanoid androids almost indistinguishable from real humans. With that said, “hosts” will be a major part of the SXSW version of Westworld, but instead it will be actors hired to act like robots who are built to be humans.

In case you have plans to head to this year’s SXSW, you might want to know that the Westworld “Live Without Limits Weekend” experience will only be open from March 9 to 11. You can register for tickets starting today.