Human garbage dump Harvey Weinstein is trying to get one of the class action lawsuits filed against him tossed, according to TMZ. This news is unsurprising considering Weinstein’s lawyers are claiming that the disgraced producer is being scapegoated by the group of more than 70 women accusing him of sexual harassment and assault.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the federal lawsuit was filed by six women in November. Weinstein filed documents related to the lawsuit claiming his relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow proves that he and his company’s board did not intimidate women with his pattern of sexual misconduct as the suit claims. Paltrow accused Weinstein of harassing her back in 1994 while filming Emma. Weinstein argues that because she went on to star in other movies produced by him, her career didn’t "suffer as a result of her rebuffing his alleged advances."

This claim is outrageously annoying because the law is very vague on how it interprets harm that comes to victims of harassment or assault, but damage to someone’s career is considered one way to measure that. Weinstein is basically trying to prove "no harm no foul," though career success couldn’t indicate what kind of psychological or emotional harm Paltrow endured as a result of the harassment. It also doesn’t mean that Weinstein’s behavior didn’t ruin the careers of many other women who were subjected to his disgusting behavior.

In the documents, Weinstein is also claiming that his relationships with Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep underscore that the six plaintiffs are bringing too many people into the suit. The suit is attempting to represent “all women who met with Harvey,” but Weinstein is defending himself by claiming that both Streep and Lawrence met with him without complaint.

It was only a matter of time before this snake of a man tried to wiggle his way out of the mountain of allegations that formed into several legal cases. It’s unclear if this tactic will work or if the judge will turn down his request for the case to be tossed.