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Back in December of 2017, Hannibal Buress got arrested in Miami on "disorderly intoxication" charges. While there's no official word regarding what was happening that made this go down, video did show Buress up in a few officer's faces as he was being detained, although in the clip all you hear is questions about Buress trespassing with nothing said about disorderly intoxication.

There was no word about it after Buress posted bond the following day, but TMZ reports that the hearing for Buress' charges went down on Thursday morning, and the entire case was dismissed.

Based on their report, it looks like Buress asked a police officer to call him an Uber while he was drunk. At some point, he got into an argument with the officers after they refused, which more than likely sparked the confrontation we see in the clip that lead to the arrest.

TMZ doesn't indicate WHY the case was dismissed, but Buress' lawyer, Brian "No, I'm Not Related to Justin" Bieber, said that Buress was well within his First Amendment rights to speak to the officers the way he did. "It's not a crime," Bieber said. "We're pleased the prosecutors reviewed the fact and dismissed the case."

Hopefully this leaves Buress' head clear enough to get back to working on that hip-hop album he's got in the wings.