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Haley Joel Osment flipped TF out on Monday, and this time it wasn’t because he was seeing dead people. The actor may have partied a little too hard on Super Bowl Sunday, given the outburst he had the following day at an airport in Las Vegas. Apparently, Osment was trying catch a flight out of Sin City on Sunday night, but he missed it. So, American Airlines put him on standby for Monday morning.

According to the airline, Osment arrived to a full flight, and went OFF. Apparently, he made such a scene (actors, am I right?) that police were called. However, as TMZ reports, Osment left the gate before the authorities arrived. But homeboy wasn’t done with his performance just yet. Apparently, he came back for an encore not long after, and this time around he was reportedly even more heated. One witness said that Osment yelled, “I’ll destroy you!” at a gate agent, before evading police for a second time.

One would think that Osment would have been mentally prepared for flight problems out of Las Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday. That city goes bananas for anything on which you can place a bet. Plus, missing your first plane is kind of on you, dude. All that being said, American Airlines has been acting up these days, with their teeny-tiny bathrooms and alleged racial profiling