Apparently Faizon Love had a few more things to get off his chest about Dave Chappelle during his most recent interview with The Breakfast Club Monday morning. The fellow comedian had just taken shots at Chappelle and Judd Apatow a few days earlier while on Sway in the Morning, but it looks like he wasn't finished making his point just yet. Love tried to convince Charlamagne and company that Chapelle's success is mostly just a combination of Charlie Murphy's writing, and white people embracing him. When it comes down to it, Love thinks, "He's alright, but he ain't real." Damn. 

It's a bold claim to make about the so-called "King of Comedy," but Love thinks that Chappelle's $60 million Netflix specials and the iconic routines from The Chappelle Show just don't qualify him as being king. During the interview Love expanded upon his initial statement, and even went so far as making the claim that "White people built Dave" and that his success is simply a byproduct of the fact that "Netflix fucks with him."

He did give Chappelle some props, in between discrediting his comedic ability, to say that his last special was funny... but only his bit about Kevin Hart. "The rest of that bullshit, is that what y'all are giving money for?" Okay, so he almost said something nice about Chappelle.

Throughout the rest of the interview, Love offered his takes on Netflix's new relationship with Hollywood, Donald Trump, and some questionable comments on the fallout from the #MeToo movement as well. Watch the full interview to hear Love's unfiltered opinions above.