Faizon Love isn't afraid to speak his mind, even when it comes to comedic heavyweights like Judd Apatow and Dave Chappelle.

While on Sway in the Morning, Love remarked that comedians shouldn't be afraid to say some "real shit." "We're here to tell you what we see," he explained. The rest of the interview came as advertised, with Love calling Apatow a "bitch ass motherfucka" and saying that Chappelle isn't the King of Comedy. 

Around the 20:20 mark, Love called Apatow a hypocrite because he went to Bill Cosby's shows with signs calling the comedian a rapist but was silent when "all the shit came out about his homeboys." Love cites Harvey Weinstein as an example, although Apatow did condemn the producer in an LA Times interview. That news apparently didn't get to Love though. "Fuck Judd and his momma too," said Love, in case you weren't sure how he really felt.

As for Chappelle, Love questioned why Netflix gave him millions of dollars to release comedy specials with them, especially since it's been several years since Chappelle's last standup. "He's talented but is he $40 million worth?" asked Love. "They were callin' this n*gga the king," said Love. "Of what?" (Imagine if he knew that Dave Chappelle may have actually racked in $60 million from the deal.) Love also claimed that Chappelle's Show was only good because of Charlie Murphy and said that Kevin Hart deserves the comedy crown.

"Kevin Hart is homegrown, creative by himself. Dave Chappelle is manufactured in Hollywood," he said. "He's never done anything besides the show that was fire." Love definitely holds no punches with this interview.

In addition to all that, Love makes some other questionable comments throughout, which you can check out above.