Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig surprised fans last year when it was revealed he had created an American-Japanese animated show starring Jaden Smith called Neo Yokio.

The first six episodes of the series came to Netflix in September of 2017 and spawned an avalanche of memes about an oversized Toblerone candy bar. The show's future remained in doubt, however, as Netflix never announced a follow-up season. Koenig is still busy working on Vampire Weekend's next album and Smith always has his hands in several projects at once, so many thought the first season could be the last for Neo Yokio.

On Sunday’s episode of Koenig's Beats 1 show Time Crisis, however, Koenig responded to a listener who wrote in and asked about the possibility of a second season. According to Pitchfork, Koenig responded by saying there would be news about Neo Yokio’s future soon. Then, he hinted, "All I'll say is Neo’s not dead." The official Time Crisis Twitter account later retweeted the news.

On the day of the show's premiere back in September, Koenig sat down with GQ and explained that he would be happy with the series coming to an end after season one, but was also excited about the possibility of continuing to work on it with Jaden if the opportunity presented itself.

"When you see the whole thing you’ll see it kind of wraps up in its own way," he said. "So we certainly could do more. I mean the funny thing is, Jaden and I are both musicians. I think both of us in this moments have a lot of music on our minds. This year we’ve both been working on albums. So there’s something funny about this blast from the past, this show finally coming out. For me, Monday morning I’m back in LA back in the studio wrapping up that Vampire Weekend album, but if it times out that we can do more stuff or we can do anything—anything I can do to work with Jaden I’d be very happy with."

You can watch Neo Yokio on Netflix here and see the trailer for the first season below.