Ellen DeGeneres had a star-studded, surprise-filled 60th birthday on Thursday. Though Michelle Obama was in the building for The Ellen DeGeneres Show—something Ellen made sure everyone knew—she had another visitor who was just as equally surprising: Chance the Rapper.

“You’re not supposed to be in town!” Ellen exclaimed, holding the bouquet of roses that Chance brought for her. “It was a surprise. I came anyway,” he said.

Apparently, Ellen had asked for Chance to appear on the show but was told that he was in Chicago and couldn’t come. She congratulated him on his amazing year, and the Grammys he won in 2017. But he quickly changed the subject back to Ellen.

“We all wanted to show love for somebody that’s so special. I’m just happy to be here, happy to be able to celebrate,” he said. “It’s like a holiday, right?” The audience roared with applause. “You’re a truly special person,” Chance added.

“You’re so sweet. You’re a truly special person,” Ellen said.

Jimmy Kimmel also appeared on the show during a segment called Show Did/Show Didn’t, a memory game where Ellen was asked to remember whether or not a situation previously happened on the show. She read a card that said, “Jimmy Kimmel appeared on the show dressed as an Olympic figure skater?”

She responded, “That sounds like he would for sure do that” and held up a paddle that said “did” with a cartoon version of her face. Although this hadn’t happened previously, Kimmel quickly corrected for that by coming out in a feathered and tasseled leotard and ice skates. Later, while they were talking, he also pulled her birthday present out of his suit: a banana.

Jamie Foxx also visited the show, and the two popped a bottle of champagne in celebration of the day. Happy birthday Ellen!