With the leak of a sex tape featuring Blac Chyna hitting the internet over the weekend, the identity of her on-camera partner was never completely confirmed until today. It was speculated to be ex-boyfriend Mechie, and the up-and-coming singer is now admitting to being the one in the explicit video, according to TMZApparently, he's just as angry about the leak as she is and plans to take legal action to bring the person who leaked the clip to justice.

A rep for Mechie says that although he recorded the clip using Chyna's phone, he was never in possession of his own copy of the clip and doesn't know how it was leaked. “I can’t believe anybody would stoop this low," he wrote in an Instagram post shortly after the video started to circulate. Sources told TMZ that Mechie is upset about the leak and wants to take legal steps in response. He plans to go to to the police and wants the person who leaked the footage tracked down and charged.

When an anonymous Twitter account leaked the footage of Blac Chyna engaging in oral sex with Mechie on Monday morning, her legal team took swift action in getting that account and those that share it suspended. Despite the suspensions, she became a trending topic on Twitter. Chyna already has plans to take legal matters into her own hands, with her attorneys Walter Mosley and Lisa Bloom calling the leak of the video "revenge porn" and "a criminal matter." 

Blac Chyna and Mechie have reportedly not spoken to one another since their breakup in August.