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A mini-series set in the 19th century wild west is set to come to Amazon, with Arnold Schwarzenegger being tapped to star in and executive produce the project, according to Deadline. Outrider is a dark mystery set in the last 1800s in Oklahoma Indian Territory, and will see Schwarzenegger as a Federal Marshal who partners with a local deputy to catch a legendary outlaw and bring justice. As the story unfolds, there will be some unpredictable twists and surprises along the way that will make it tricky to figure out who the good guys and bad guys actually are. 

This is the former California governor's first foray into scripted television, though he did star in and produce a single season of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, replacing Donald Trump who got a bit too occupied to do it.  Amazon is also in talks to make a Conan The Barbarian television series, adapted from the 1982 film starring Schwarzenegger as the titular character.

Amazon has been focusing its energy on streaming original programming, even obtaining the rights to produce a Lord of The Rings series last November.

No word yet on a release date for Outrider.