If you didn't already know, Vin Diesel is kind of weird. About three years ago, he told us anyone could be a witch. I could be a witch! He's made enough to be a bit kooky, and truth be told, he's just having fun with it. Thing is, when you go overseas, or hit a different venue, things can get awkward.

Case in point: during a recent visit to Good Morning Britain, Vin appeared to want to have a bit of fun. Him and host Richard Arnold were already doing some weird shit that involved people's heads and cars, and I guess because he was in England, Vin decided to put on a faux Cockney accent (which I lowkey wish I could replicate) for the time being. It was already weird, and when Vin (who'd since reverted to his American accent) heard that he won whatever their competition was, he went back to the British accent and shouted things like, "I beat him! I licked him. I really did it this time."

The segment, which was pre-recorded, was kind of bizarre, and when Arnold got back to his Good Morning Britain co-hosts, he honed in on Vin saying he'd "licked" him. The thing is, Vin was obviously using "licked" to say that he beat or thrashed Arnold in a competitive game. Duh, Richard Arnold.

Even still, fans of Good Morning Britain took this odd (but on-brand) display from Vin as an opportunity to challenge his mental state.

Why yes, Vin Diesel was just having fun. Unless he wasn't. But we imagine he was.