Timothée Chalamet, the breakout star of Luca Guadagnino's poignant romantic drama Call Me By Your Namehas been using his spotlight to shout out some of his favorite artists from big-uping Cardi B, Greta Gerwig, and Martin Scorsese at the Gotham Independent Film Awards to praising the media poise of LeBron James and Jennifer Lawrence.

Chalamet was asked by Nerdist's Michelle Buchman what he thought of Ocean's comments about the film.

Oh btw, I asked Timothée Chalamet (@RealChalamet) what he thought of Frank Ocean seeing #CMBYN and he geeked out hard on him. You’re welcome, Internet. Please ignore my dumb voice. #BAFTATea pic.twitter.com/lxSGUm01cG

— Michelle Buchman (@michelledeidre) January 7, 2018

"This reaction should say it all," Chalamet gushed. "I'm the biggest fan of his in the world. He has shown all of us what it is to have, beyond artistic integrity, fresh artistry in a time where just because of the digital landscape, it can be hard to maintain a mystery, a freshness and he's done it."

"Michael Stuhlbarg is my new dad and that's that," Ocean wrote on Tumblr, referencing Stuhlbarg's memorable turn as the father of Chalamet's character Elio.

Chalamet's eloquent praise of Frank was met with plenty of fawning and wishes for a Call Me By Your Name sequel over social media.

timmy teared up when he found out frank ocean saw call me by your name IM pic.twitter.com/K3RiBCcMUb

— vera (@sancIamente) January 7, 2018

sequel to Call Me By Your Name where Frank Ocean is the visiting scholar Elio falls in love with the next summer https://t.co/gmXaqiTakH

— julia (@shadyjd3) January 7, 2018

If Frank Ocean’s new found love for Call me by your Name leads to him making songs about those themes, I will officially need therapy. Sufjan, Frank, who else do we need for this future dream album? @spinozAmigo

— Shikha Chandarana (@astrocat95) January 7, 2018

Chalamet is up for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture — Drama at the Golden Globes, while Call Me By Your Name is up for Best Motion Picture — Drama. Chalamet's co-star, Armie Hammer, also received a Best Supporting Actor nomination.