Tiffany Haddish is using the Comedy Central series Drunk History to revisit her roots. If you didn’t know, the Girls Trip star is half Jewish, so she took this opportunity to drunkenly tell the tale of Rose Valland, the art historian played by Cate Blanchett in the movie The Monuments Men.

“My father was Jewish, but my mom’s a Jehovah Witness. So I’m a Jew-Jo,” Haddish explains halfway through the show, stirring her drink. Haddish magnificently played the drunkest friend in the summer hit Girls Trip as the character Dina, but Drunk History host Derek Waters got the comedian for-real drunk so she could school us on Hitler, art, and how to color between the lines. Watch a clip of the segment above. 

Apparently Haddish originally had other ideas for the Drunk History episode, but settled on this one in the end. “She really wanted to do the history of the weave, and unfortunately we weren’t able to make it happen,” Waters told Vulture. Weave or no weave, the comedian does not disappoint. Haddish drops gem after gem, while Vice Principals actress Busy Phillips mouths along as Hitler. By the end of the segment you’ll want to be drunkenly shading in a coloring book and watching The Monuments Men too. “Some people died, some people lived, but the art was saved,” Haddish declares at the end of her story.   

Haddish is starring in Tracy Morgan’s new show The Real O.G., which airs April 3. In the show she plays Morgan’s ex-girlfriend who hid their twins from him for 15 years. Drunk History returns this season Jan. 23 on Comedy Central.