Bam Margera, like some of his friends from the Jackass crew, has been an open book when it comes to his struggle with addiction. The former pro-skateboarder and MTV stuntman checked into rehab last week after another DUI bust. According to his pal Steve-O, Bam has what it takes to kick his alcohol addiction, but can only do so by staying committed to the recovery process.

TMZ caught up with Steve-O (real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover) outside of a grocery store in Los Angeles and asked what advice he'd offer his friend who is currently undergoing treatment for addiction. "Rehab is like a gym," he explains. "Just 'cause you've got a gym membership doesn't mean you're gonna get really fit. It just depends on what you do when you get there."

He goes on to explain that for alcoholics, there is no way to have a casual relationship with drinking. "I think the idea that with alcoholism you can sort of be doing better...there's just no shades of gray with it. You're either sober or you're loaded. You can't manage it."

If anyone would this know first hand, it'd be Steve-O. You may remember that in 2009, MTV released the documentary Steve-O: Demise and Rise. It featured home footage of Steve-O doing copious amounts of drugs and vandalizing his own apartment. During the film, Steve-O's behavior became so alarming that Jackass co-stars and producers staged an intervention urging him to seek help. Seven years sober, he has since turned his life around and even become vegan.

Steve-O believes Bam can have the same victory over his addiction, but he must first "surrender to the process." The stakes are higher than ever now that Bam is a new father. "A lot of people think "oh I'll get my act together cuz I'm having a kid.' But that's the thing about the disease of alcoholism. You have no power over it."

Steve-O concludes that he's been able to stay sober by following the 12 steps of recovery and keeping himself surrounded by a supportive community. Bam confirmed on Thursday (Jan. 11) via Instagram that he was checking into a rehab facility in Los Angeles.