If you’re going to steal $850,000 from a celebrity, one would think you’d be discrete about how you spent it in order to keep a low profile. Guess again. Comic book God, Stan Lee, found his bank account $300,000 lighter, setting off an investigation into the missing cash, as neither Lee nor his financial team approved the transaction. But now it appears as though someone has made off with a whole lot more money to buy a condo in Los Angeles.

TMZ is reporting that a thief moved another $850,000 of the 95-year-old Marvel Comic legend’s cash to buy a condo in West Hollywood. Pretty ballsy move, if I do say so myself.

Apparently, Stan’s financial team became aware of the missing near million dollars while conducting a full audit for the check forgery that resulted in the missing $300,000. Lee's people had initially speculated that missing cash may have been an inside job–someone from SL Productions trying to reroute the cash back to themselves. Lee had previously filed a report with Beverly Hills Department pertaining to the forgery. Reportedly, the funky check was made out to a merchandising company, Hands of Respect for "a loan."

I guess the good news here is that Stan Lee is so rich, he doesn’t really notice when nearly a million dollars go missing from his bank account, but hey, it’s still his money. Anyway, police continuing with their investigation; it looks like the missing $850,000 may be the result of check forgery as well.