2018 is going to be just fine. Quavo and Independence Day star Jeff Goldblum linked up for a photo Saturday evening, both posting pictures of the meeting to their respective Instagram pages. The Migos member captioned his pic “Jurassic Park,” a reference to the legendary 1993 film in which Goldblum played the role of mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm. The actor wrote “That’s chaos theory” in his post, which was a reference to one of his most memorable lines in Jurassic Park. In the film, Malcolm [Goldblum] was wary of the dinosaur park and called it "an accident waiting to happen.” This is chaos theory — the idea that a simple change in an intricate system could bring the entire thing crumbling down. If you don’t remember this, go watch the movie again.

So why did the two come together? It’s unclear if the two just happened to be in the same area and took photos, or if Goldblum is going to have a feature on Culture 2, the follow-up to the Atlanta rap group’s wildly successful sophomore studio album. We aren’t given any other details outside of the captions, but we’d definitely be interested in listening to a “Jurassic Trap” track. The highly-anticipated album is expected to drop sometime this month, so maybe the actor was around to listen to the album early. Goldblum has had strange exchanges with rappers in the past — he starred in a really odd Super Bowl 50 commercial with Lil Wayne back in 2016.