It would appear that the best SNL sketches are the ones we’ll never get to see. Weekend Update hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost came on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about their fave sketches that were left on the writer’s room floor, and they were funny AF.

For example, Che talked about one sketch idea inspired by an awkward real life interaction. “An intern one time messed up a coffee order, and I was like, ‘Hey, I didn’t order this,’” Che recounted. “And he said, ‘Sorry about that, Che. I really screwed the pooch on that one.’ And I said, ‘What was that?’ And he goes, ‘Screw the pooch–it means I made a mistake.’ And I said was, ‘No, man. It means you had sex with a dog. And you should probably stop saying that in a workplace environment.’ So I wanted to dig into that guy because I’m sure he probably had sex with a dog one time and just kept pretending that it was a mistake everyone else makes.” Gross, but LOLz.

Che also told Meyers that his “favorite sketches are really racially charged.” To be fair, Che isn’t exactly known for his political correctness. In one of Che’s rejected ideas, “Chris Hemsworth hosted, and I wanted to do a sketch where The Avengers save the day, but in the process Thor accidentally kills an unarmed black teenager. He said it would help with the tickets!”

Oy. I mean, I’m laughing in spite of myself, but damn, Che.