Game of Thrones may only have six eagerly awaited episodes left in its eight-season reign on HBO, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for surprises. As GoT heads wait with bated breath for the 2019 premiere, they just got their first clue as to what the final season of the globally popular series has in store. Reportedly, the first scene takes place in an unexpected location. Here's a hint: lucky charms.

An unidentified source told Watchers on the Wall that “the show is largely filming at Moneyglass [Ireland] this week, the estate in Toome that hosts the exterior and courtyard of Winterfell set.” However, this excludes the first scene. “The most interesting details are this: they say it was for the opening scene of the season, and takes place in Winter town, the settled area outside Winterfell. The town is home to the smallfolk who look to House Stark for protection, and will likely need help from Winterfell more than ever with the White Walkers moving south.” There's also been sightings of director David Nutter on set. Nutter directed the final two episodes of season 3 and 5 (including “The Rains of Castamere” and "The Dance of Dragons" before he was recruited to direct the first, second, and fourth episodes of season eight.

So what do we know about Winter town? Well, a couple years ago, in season 5, Brienne and Podrick stayed there while waiting for Sansa to light her candle signaling a long-awaited Winterfell rescue. Also, in season 1, the town was home to the brothel Tyrion hits up. With those details in mind, let the Twitter plot speculation begin!