You were already crying when you found out you would have to wait until 2019 for season 8 of Game of Thrones. That’s too many days for the president to start a nuclear war with North Korea, in which case you may never see the final season of the famed HBO series. Welp, get your tissues ready, because we’ve got some more news.

According to HBO's other Lena, star Lena Headey, Season 8 is going to be a real tear-jerker. Indeed, novelist George R. R. Martin had promised that the ending of A Song of Ice and Fire, the novel upon which the show is based, will be “bittersweet.”


The actor, who plays Queen Cersei on the show, spilled a bean or two to Mashable, when discussing what fans may expect from the show’s final hoorah. “I can tell you that we had a giant read-through with all the cast in October,” she said. “And I think everybody cried at one point.” Oh, no! What does it all mean!? “And it was… pretty surprising,” she went on.

Way to leave us hanging, Queen Cersei. Sheesh. Given that the Game of Thrones is known for nothing if not killing off all your faves, I’m expecting a bloodbath of sorts.