Kourtney Kardashian now wants to become the third Kardashian/Jenner sister to jump into the cosmetics game. TMZ reports that Kourtney filed legal documents today to own the name “Kourt.” The documents supposedly made it clear she wants to use the name for a cosmetics brand, although we don’t know yet what products she will make. Kourtney filed the application for “Kourt” under her company’s name, 2Die4Kourt.

If this plan truly goes forward, Kourtney will be following in the footsteps of her youngest sister Kylie Jenner as well as Kim.

Kylie was the first in the family to launch her own cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics, a move that earned her 7 figures in 2016 and made her the second-highest earned overall in the Kardashian-Jenner klan. In fact, Kylie Cosmetics in on track to be a billion dollar company by 2022.

Of course, Kylie’s journey to a Bill Gates-esque bank account has not been without its fair share of turmoil. She was accused of copyright infringement in early 2017, and has repeatedly dodged claims that her product is merely a pricier copy of another brand's formula.

Kim Kardashian followed suit, launching her own beauty brand, KKW Beauty, in June of last year. And in true Kardashian form, KKW Beauty has made a boatload of money, but has also been at the center of a few controversies. The line sold out completely within three hours of its launch, netting a $14.4 million payday for Kim—which is, in her world, the equivalent of 48 sponsored Instagram posts. But in the middle of promoting her products, Kim was caught up in the controversy over racist remarks by makeup artist Jeffree Star, and later had to apologize. She’s also faced blackface accusations and the brand dealt with a lawsuit over its name.

This is apparently the world that Kourtney wants to enter. To be perfectly honest, I don’t blame her: whatever controversy “Kourt” stirs up, those dollar signs don’t lie.

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