Kathy Griffin recently gave a lengthy interview in which she discussed her life and the state of her career as a comedian in the wake of her controversial photo scandal involving a decapitated Trump head. The comedian and television personality spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about how she's dealt with the loss of friendships, incessant death threats, and the punishment of women in show business who make mistakes. Griffin pointed out the irony of her situation in one sharp-edged sentence: "When I'm dead, I'll be a legend. But not now."

Griffin, who is never shy to let her true feelings be known, spoke candidly about her Hollywood exile and how she has been holed up in her Bel Air gated mansion—which she calls her "fuck-you house"—with her tour manager/boyfriend, as she faced the consequences of a PR disaster. She reflected on her distasteful photo shoot but was adamant in her own defense. "I didn't commit a crime. I didn't rape anybody. I didn't assault anybody. I didn't get a DUI. I mean, my God, there are celebrities that fucking kill people," Griffin said. 

During the interview, Griffin also spoke about her slow-and-steady return to comedy, and her determination to make her comeback in the States. In October, the unapologetic comedian decided to organize her Laugh Your Head Off Tour which she debuted in New Zealand, before bringing to Australia, Singapore and Europe. Despite having one of the most explosive public relations controversies a celebrity could ever deal with, Griffin feels a sense of indignation that if not for being a woman, she might have been let off a little easier. "When you're a woman, you get one fuck up, and it's over. When you're a guy, you get chance after chance after chance." She remains confident that as soon as she wedges her foot back in the door—and does "something that makes money"—all will be pardoned. "My mind is always focused on the best way to move forward."