Expensive superhero movies are fucking up the art of cinema, according to actress/director Jodie Foster. The actress-turned-director compared studios chasing superhero hits to fracking in a recent interview with the Radio Times, noting that hitting up the local theater now feels more like walking into some sort of theme park.

"Going to the movies has become like a theme park," Foster said. "Studios making bad content in order to appeal to the masses and shareholders is like fracking—you get the best return right now but you wreck the earth. It's ruining the viewing habits of the American population and then ultimately the rest of the world."

Making movies, Foster added, is more about personal growth. "I feel like I make movies because there are things I have to say in order to figure out who I am or my place in the world, or for me to evolve as a person," she said.

Foster's comments inspired a lengthy Twitter thread from Guardians of the Galaxy and Super director James Gunn. "[Foster's] belief system is pretty common and isn't totally without basis," Gunn said Monday. "I say not without basis because most studio franchise films are somewhat soulless and that is a real danger to the future of movies. But there are also quite a few exceptions."

All told, Foster's comments have inspired mixed reactions, including support from Logan and The Wolverine director James Mangold:

In the spirit of disclosure, I have to say I kind of agree with Foster here. The world would be better off without Justice League, for example, and Suicide Squad didn't exactly advance the art form. Quality over quantity, please. 

Foster is currently in the public eye thanks to the new season of Black Mirror. The "Arkangel" episode, starring Brenna Harding and Rosemarie DeWitt, was directed by Foster and is very worth your time.

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