During nearly every award show, there's some event that gets the internet's outrage machine going. So, Jimmy Kimmel decided to give this cycle a jump-start ahead of the Golden Globes by getting people's take on a ceremony that never happened: the Outstanding Celebrity Excellence Awards. For the latest "Lie Witness News" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, people on the streets of LA were asked for their opinions on controversial actions and incendiary statements from the nonexistent show. 

"The thing about award shows is that people tend to have very strong opinions about them," he prefaced the segment. "People get mad before there's anything to even get mad about." Exhibit A: When a reporter asked how one woman felt about "Tom Bergeron mansplaining women's reproductive rights," she replied, "Honestly, I was disgusted." 

Another was asked, "Alicia Keys of course is taking major heat from PETA for killing the ladybug that landed on her arm during that speech. Will you join the boycott of her music?" She replied: "I was very disgusted when I saw that, because she displays herself as a lover for all, but that shows her actions do not support that … stop killing ladybugs: you mat not believe in reincarnation, but other people do." Another suggested that instead of saying "put your hands together," people should have been asked to "celebrate" so that those without hands would feel included. 

But when one guy was asked if the name "Fat Albert" offended him, he replied, "Hell no...if you fat, you fat. If you got big pimples and all that, you a pizza face." So, they couldn't fool everyone. How can we make this ceremony happen?