Along with her chart-topping success, Cardi B has gained a bevy of famous fans from the likes of Idris Elba, Kevin Hart, DJ Khaled, and others. Well, it appears she and Bruno Mars got the official stamp of approval for their In Living Color-inspired video from former cast member Jim Carrey.

Now, we all know this legendary comedian isn't very impressed with the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood these days, so when he offers up his take on current events, you know he's been inspired. Carrey hopped on Twitter to announce that he had checked out the "Finesse (Remix)" video and appreciated the nod to the '90s sketch comedy show he was once part of. The actor congratulated both Bruno and Cardi on the tremendously spot-on recreation, saying, "Great song, beautiful memories. Really gave me a kick. Spank you kindly!"

If you didn't know, In Living Color was a defining part of Carrey's come-up as a comedian. He was part of the ensemble cast from 1990-1994, working beside fellow comedians Jamie Foxx and the legendary Wayans family. A week prior to Carrey's post, "Fly Girl" Jennifer Lopez gave the video a shout out by re-posting an old dance routine. They also got some fan love from the Wayans family.

The successful video is not only appreciated by In Living Color alumni, but also has fans digging it as well. Upon the release of the remix, Bruno's 24K Magic album soared to No. 4 from the No. 15 spot.